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Location Information

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology
Staffordshire University
ST18 0AD

Building Name: 
Entertainment Technology Block
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Nia Wearn
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
Open location: 
not open
This site has onsite security
IT tools: 
Provide specialized game development tools, or licenses for participating jammers
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available
Media Stream

E-mail sent out on 25th Jan

Hi again, only me.

• We’ll be kicking off everything on Friday at 5pm on the dot – in F14 – The Ruxton Technology centre - It’s tools down at 5pm on Sunday.

• You’ll find out your teams after the keynote – there is no swapping of teams ::nods::

I’ve made a handy map <- Let me know what else you may want info on.

• We’ve got the Lecture room from 4pm, and there will be someone around if you want to arrive a bit early, get a feel for the place.

• Bring any vouchers & menus for take away’s pizza places etc – we arn’t supplying any food, but that’s part of the fun.

• Parking isn’t an issue, there’s plenty of parking spaces.

• We’ll be blogging / live streaming / videoing everything, as ever – from here mainly - http://staffsgamesacademy.tumblr.com/

• If there’s anyone else that wants to join up and attend – please encourage them to do so ASAP.

See you all on Friday,

E-Mail sent out on 19th Jan

Hi There,
Gosh there’s a lot of you...

Right, There will be some more specific details next week – timed schedule etc but a few things:

Your Groups to work in will be decided before hand – by me, are non negotiable, and you’ll find out on the Friday – after the keynote

I don’t even know yet, but the list of Achievements are out – this isn’t a competition and here are no prizes (your all winners in m eyes etc. Etc)

Bringing Stuff
Bring laptops, desktops if you have to – remember we hold no responsibility for your stuff, it’s up to you to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t do any damage etc.

Being responsible
Last year we were applauded for keeping the place tidy and I’m not having the reputation ruined – rules on drinks in labs etc will be enforced.

Sleeping arrangements
We have a lab booked out for sleeping in, bring sleeping bags, warm clothes etc.

Food & Drink
Last year I ate enough Pizza to feed a small army, I expect the same to happen this year – we aren’t supplying food, although stuff may turn up, but there’s also the bar, and Asda ins’t far. Remember sleep is better than Redbull and keep any alcohol consumption to the bar.

Any Questions – drop me a line, there’s still places if people want to join, or let me know if you can’t make it.

Keep watching your e-mail,



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