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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

malditis's picture
Jose Manuel Alcaraz

Kenny McCormick's picture
Gabriel Peñas

Dabor's picture
David Rodríguez Pére...

hector's picture
Hector Garcia Ureña

Alvaro Montesinos Cuerva's picture
Alvaro Montesinos Cu...

ismael sagredo's picture
Ismael Sagredo Olive...

Enrique J Gil's picture
Enrique J. Gil Izqui...

Asbeel's picture
Carlos Diaz Colorado

Gadela's picture
Rafael Muñoz

jmvgames's picture
Jose Macanas Vidal

otelote's picture
Sergio Coleto Cantos

runter's picture
Joan Parera

JorgeLG's picture
Jorge López González

tonypasky's picture
Miguel Pascual Romer...

panreyes's picture
Pablo Antonio Navarr...

arkonte's picture
Sergio Martín Pulido

Antenri's picture
Antonello D'Amb...

Alfonso Monton's picture
Alfonso Montón Caño

mzl's picture
Miguel Zhang

etitan's picture
Daniel Etitan

serman's picture
Sergio Galán

Javier's picture
Javier González Barr...

acescudero's picture

Mario Garcia Lazaro's picture
Mario Garcia Lazaro

jammer skills website
1 malditis (Jose Manuel Alcaraz) Programming Link
2 Kenny McCormick (Gabriel Peñas) Game design, Game development, Programming
3 Dabor (David Rodríguez Pérez) Game development
4 hector (Hector Garcia Ureña) Programming
5 Alvaro Montesin... (Alvaro Montesinos Cuerva) Programming
6 ismael sagredo (Ismael Sagredo Olivenza) 3D art, Game design, Programming
7 Enrique J Gil (Enrique J. Gil Izquierdo) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
8 Asbeel (Carlos Diaz Colorado) Programming
9 Gadela (Rafael Muñoz) Programming
10 jmvgames (Jose Macanas Vidal) Game design, Programming
11 otelote (Sergio Coleto Cantos) Programming Link
12 runter (Joan Parera) Game design, Game development, Music, Programming
13 JorgeLG (Jorge López González) Game development
14 tonypasky (Miguel Pascual Romero) 2D art, 3D art
15 panreyes (Pablo Antonio Navarro Reyes) Game design, Game development, Programming
16 arkonte (Sergio Martín Pulido) 3D art, Programming
17 Antenri (Antonello D'Ambrosio) Programming
18 Alfonso Monton (Alfonso Montón Caño) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design, Web design Link
19 mzl (Miguel Zhang) Game design
20 etitan (Daniel Etitan) 2D art
21 serman (Sergio Galán) Game design, Programming Link
22 Javier (Javier González Barreiro) 3D art
23 acescudero (Alvaro ) 2D art Link
24 Mario Garcia Lazaro (Mario Garcia Lazaro) Game design
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