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Jam Site Information

4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

Building Name: 
Research, Engineering, and Art and Design Buildings
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Trey Reyher
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
Who can participate: 
Age restrictions: 
No security available
Auditorium space: 
No space available

Registration will begin in Research 163 at 5:00 pm.


Everyone wins!

Congratulations to everyone at the GMU site! I can't wait to play all the games that were made over this weekend.

Although I was working remotely this year, I did miss seeing all the games in various stages of development. However, I didn't miss sleeping on the cold hard floor. ;)

If this is your first time, how did you like it?
Are you a veteran?
Any war stories?



If you're driving in today, please park at the Shenandoah Parking Deck. If you're able to arrive before 5:00, head around the parking deck to Parking Services, where you can get a Day Pass for $7. Ordinarily it is $14. On Saturday and Sunday, you *should* be able to park in Lots A, C, L, and K for free, although there is still the possibility of getting ticketed.


Ride sharing

We have some folks looking to carpool to GMU from the DC/NoVA area. If you can help, please let folks know here or at http://www.facebook.com/events/243631025705519/


Oh, you can comment

I just realized I can comment here!

Woo! Go everyone! Hope the best to all of us!



And we are now officially over our university-supplied computing capacity! We have 60 total workstations available - 25 in the Art Design 1018 (outfitted with artist tools, like Maya, Max, etc.) and 35 in Engineering 1505. Therefore, it's best for you to bring your own development hardware if you've got it. Power stripes might be helpful too. See you Friday!


Registration and Opening Presentation

Please come to Research 163 for Registration and the Opening Presentations on Friday! It is Building 47 on the map: http://info.gmu.edu/Maps/FfxMap11lttrNoGridColor.pdf We are still working on getting a block of Parking, but you will be safest in the adjacent lot if we don't secure parking ahead of time.



Here is the tentative schedule for the jam later this week:

Friday, 1/27/2012
1700 - Jammers begin to arrive
1730 - Presentation of GGJ 2012 Keynote; dinner (pizza)
1800 - Theme is revealed, Jammers start creating design pitches
1830 - Presentation of design pitches
1900 - Teams form and Jam begins

Saturday, 1/28/2012
0800 - Breakfast
1100 - Deadline to create user profile and game page
1200 - Lunch
1900 - Dinner

Sunday, 1/29/2012
0800 - Breakfast
1200 - Lunch
1500 - Start uploading games to GGJ Server
1730 - Presentations
1830 - Awards
1900 - Post-Jam Dinner and Drinks!

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