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Jam Site Information

The College of New Jersey
2000 Pennington Road
Ewing Township, NJ 08628

Building Name: 
Brower Student Center
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Andrew Lohmann
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
It is accessible the entire time, but participants may be required to move to different parts of the building for a short time.
Who can participate: 
Anybody over the age of 18 can participate. We encourage not only college/university students, but also independent development teams who may wish to enter.
Age restrictions: 
Available tools or technology: 
We have wireless Internet access, sufficient power supplies, and will be able to aid those who would like to use Processing, Flash, or Unreal.
This site has onsite security
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available

When and Where:

This is going to be held from January 27th to January 29th on the second floor of the Clayton Brower Student Center on the TCNJ campus. We'll let you know when the exact times are as we hear more information from the Game Jam organizers, but right now we're estimating that the theme will be revealed at about 5pm on the 27th, and games will be due about 3pm on the 29th. For our off-campus participants, we recommend that you arrive a little early so we can make sure everyone's signed in and any administrative tasks are taken care of before the Jam starts. We'll have some people set up in Brower at some point in the afternoon on the 27th to welcome our guests on campus. That time will also be decided once we know specifically when the event begins.


We'll be using Room 202 in the Brower Student Center, which is the large upstairs conference room. We'll have a corner of the space cordoned off to use as a sleeping area. How much and when you sleep is up to you, our only stipulation is that if you will be driving on Sunday, you must get at least a little sleep on Saturday night. Since space has the potential to be at a premium. we ask that you not bring air mattresses, tents, or portable hotels unless it's absolutely necessary. We're not going to chain the doors, or anything, so you're welcome to come and go as you see fit. Just remember that you do have a game due in less than two days! Wireless internet is available at our location.

Importantly, a Student Government party is going to be taking place for part of the day on Saturday, and as such we will need to relocate to another part of the building on a short-term basis. We're talking with them about whether or not we can leave equipment in the room during that time, but make sure you plan to move.

The Competition Itself:

Once our theme is officially unveiled, we'll begin a brainstorming session to formulate games that most creatively address the theme, whatever it happens to be (we don't even know ourselves yet!) From those brainstorming sessions, we'll ask you to create teams to work on specific ideas that you've come up with. Then, at 3pm on Sunday, you'll upload your games to the Global Game Jam website. If you want more information about the specific rules, check here (http://globalgamejam.org/wiki/ggj-wiki). Also, remember that you can create board games! If you'd like to do that, more information can be found here (http://globalgamejam.org/wiki/board-games).


As a consequence of this event being free, food is not included! If you've got a TCNJ meal plan, you're covered, but for the rest of you, there are a number of options. You're welcome to bring anything that you want with you, but there won't be any cooking facilities available to us there. Access to all of TCNJ's dining facilities is available, and they take cash and cards. These run from the Atrium at Eickhoff, our primary dining hall, to the Marketplace Convenience Store, which is a 7-11-type location. All told, there will be some sort of on-campus food available between 7:30am and 1am. If you want to know more about the dining locations on campus, check here (http://www.tcnjdining.com/locations.html) . Like I mentioned in the above section, you're free to travel, so you can go visit any of the eateries in Ewing, Pennington, or Trenton, if the mood strikes you. We're also going to be discussing with local take-out places about possibly setting up a discount for Game Jam participants. Even if they don't go for this, delivery is definitely an option, and you can view all of the places that deliver to TCNJ here (http://www.campusfood.com/campus.asp?campusid=22).

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