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Jam Site Information

Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy
28 North Clark Street, Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60602

Building Name: 
Burnham Center/TFA Campus, 4th Floor
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Billy Carton
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site is not open for the entire 48 hours
Hours TBA to participants
Who can participate: 
All current students or alumni, with permission from Ben Spanner.
Age restrictions: 
Available tools or technology: 
This site has onsite security
Auditorium space: 
No space available


Game Jam Scheduling Info

The Game Jam at TFA officially kicks off at 5pm (all times local). Once you have settled into a team, someone on your team must create a project page by clicking "Game Project 2012" in the sidebar to the right. At that point, you can add all registered members to your project page. (In order to be credited on a team, you must register an account.) Your project page must be created before 3pm Saturday. All projects must be completely uploaded by 3pm Sunday. If there are additional scheduling details, I will post them here as I find out about them.

Here is a link with details regarding the submission of your project to the Game Jam site:




Upon request from the faculty, another reminder about hygiene. Shower as close as possible to the start of the event. Bring mouth wash. Bring deodorant. Oh, and use the mouth wash and deodorant. Please. :) Also, a note on scented deodorant/perfume/cologne: they can be as bad as natural BO. Both should be avoided.


Last-minute Thoughts

A few last-minute thoughts:

There have been questions as to what "Site is not open for the entire 48 hours" means. It means that for the duration of the event, the doors to the building are locked.

However, every 2-3 hours we will unlock the doors for a short period of time so that faculty may lead groups out for breaks (to get fresh air, to get a smoke, to run to 7-Eleven for more snacks, etc). These durations will likely be about 20 minutes.

You do not have to leave for a break if you do not want to. You may stay in the building.

If you leave during one of the break periods and come back too late, there is NO way to get you into the building until the next break period when the doors are once again unlocked. We have no control over this, and as such NO EXCEPTIONS can be made.

If you leave in the middle of the night, you WILL NOT have access to return until 8am the next morning, or whenever the break period is around that time. If you intend to leave for the night, please discuss this with the faculty in advance.

There will be some snacks provided (expect stuff like chips or maybe granola bars, etc.), as well as water. Additionally, the school is ordering some pizza -- likely to be delivered Saturday night around 10pm. If you're concerned about the food situation in any way, or have dietary restrictions, we recommend bringing a stash of food to make sure you're covered. You should probably bring some food regardless.

Similarly, we encourage you to bring pillows or sleeping bags if you want to get some naps in. Even if you think you'll be up for 48-hours straight, you're better off safe than sorry.


Did someone say prizes?

This is an update to let everyone know that things are still progressing smoothly from the school's point-of-view regarding planning for the event, and... that there may be some actual prizes given out during/after the Jam. Nothing too fancy, but I'll save those details for the event. Otherwise, keep spreading the word! Friday will be here before you know it.

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