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Jam Site Information

University of Denver
Shwayder Art Building
2121 E Asbury Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80208


Building Name: 
Shwayder Art Building, C3 Studios on the third floor
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Rafael Fajardo
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
Who can participate: 
This site is open to anyone
Age restrictions: 
Available tools or technology: 
see note below for detail of what we can provide
This site has onsite security
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available
Media Stream

This site is hosted by the Electronic Media Arts & Design, Digital Media Studies, and Game Development degree programs at the University of Denver.

This Global Game Jam site is set up in collaboration with the Colorado Game Developers Association

Our site is located convenient to RTD light-rail, University Station.

Participants need to be registered through the GGJ site and associated with our location by January 17, 2012 in order to request of a parking pass. We won't be able to accommodate any requests for parking passes after this date.

location map:

downloadable parking map:

live parking map served by Google:
Lot L:

Lot 316:

restaurants within walking distance:

We will have access to:
>"The Nexus" a lab/classroom with 15 Mac OS towers with room for another fifteen people who would bring their own laptops (or other gear) and pervasive electrical outlets.
>"Leo Block Studio" an open space with 10 Mac Minis, two are outfitted with capacity to dual boot into Windows, with room for another eight people who would bring their own laptops or gear and pervasive electrical outlets.
>"The Cloud" a flexible configurable space with tables and seating for 25 with pervasive electrical outlets.
>"The Lab" a flexible space with workbenches and seating for 15 with pervasive electrical outlets.
>"The Hypercube" a flexible space where we will screen the keynote address, pitches, and final presentations.

We have access to the following development tools for the purposes
of Global Game Jam 2012:
For Mac OS
X-11 & Developer tools
Quartz Composer
Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/)(free)
Processing (http://www.processing.org/)(free)
Python + Pygame (http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml)
Java (Mac OS most recent should be sufficient)
Greenfoot (http://greenfoot.org/)(free)
Lua 5.1 (http://www.lua.org/download.html)(free)
Love 2D Game Engine (http://love2d.org/)(free)
(NB. both link up to Codea for iPad http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/)
GameSalad Creator Basic (http://gamesalad.com/products)(free)
GameMaker Lite (v.7) for MacOS (http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/mac)(free)
Unity 3D (http://unity3d.com/unity/download/)(free)
Stencyl (http://www.stencyl.com)(free)
Pixen (https://github.com/philippec/Pixen)
Paintbrush (http://paintbrush.sourceforge.net/)
Scribbles (http://www.atebits.com/scribbles/)
Inkscape (http://inkscape.org/ free)
Scribus (http://scribus.net/canvas/Scribus)(free)
Adobe CS 4 or newer, including Flash.

For Windows on the two dual boot machines in Leo Block studio
Windows versions.
Scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/)(free)
Processing (http://www.processing.org/)(free)
Python + Pygame (http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml)(free)
Greenfoot (http://greenfoot.org/)(free)
GameMaker Lite 8.1 (http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/windows)(free)
Microsoft Design Studio (if free)
Microsoft Silverlight(free)

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