"That's ok", Chad said. "I think I'll just wait here and watch the show."\n\n"Suit yourself." Sandra replied, and wandered off.\n\nChad watched the two dance before Patrick eventually vomited all over Ellie's chest and passed out. He elected to drive him home, and by the end didn't feel like returning to the party at all.\n\n''THE END''
...and came to a stop facing Eric.\n\n"We're spinning again." he said immediately.\n\n"Oh, come on, you pussy!" Melissa cried.\n\n"Nope. Sorry. Didn't sign up for that." He span the bottle again. It went round and round...\n\n* [[The bottle lands on Melissa]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Hayley]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Billy]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Sarah]]
Chad thought for a second. "Fine." he eventually replied. "I guess she can't get any more mad." He allowed Hayley to take his hand and direct him to the unoccupied guest bedroom. They had amazing sex all night, but Melissa never spoke to him again.\n\n''THE END''
Chad Spankerton arrived at the party with several bottles of imported Colt 45 in a plastic bag and a handful of joints in his inside coat pocket. His best friend, Aaron Smears, was carrying a case of Carlsberg under each arm, so it fell to Chad to knock on the front door of the rich Tudor house. It was barely half past eight in the pm, yet there was already a fair amount of commotion coming from inside.\n\nAfter several seconds, Melissa Shannon opened the door. "Hey, Chad!" she said, greeting him with a warm smile.\n\n"Hi, Melissa." Aaron leant out from behind his friend. She responded with a curt nod, having most likely still not forgiven him for his actions at her last party, where he somehow managed to climb onto the roof, alerting many of her neighbours and causing the police to shut it down early.\n\n"Don't worry, Mel." Chad grinned. "I'll keep him away from heights."\n\nHer expression softened, before she moved to the side and gestured indoors. "Come on in!"\n\nThey entered the hallway, which was already crammed full of partygoers. Most were known to Chad - old school friends, or various fixtures in the club scene - but there were a few new faces.\n\n"You know where the kitchen is." Melissa said. "Take some of my bottles out of the fridge if you need space, they're the-"\n\n"-WKDs." Chad finished with her.\n\nShe laughed. "I'll be upstairs. Got some pretty hot bottle-spinning action going on right now. Come find me if you want in."\n\nShe disappeared up the stairs, and Chad and Aaron walked down to the kitchen. They squeezed through various conversations and found their way to the giant fridge, which despite its size had very little free space. Chad crammed a couple of his bottles in the top shelf, and replaced some of Melissa's alcopops with cans of Aaron's beer. Spotting a bottle opener on the side, he opened another of his 40s and took a large swig.\n\n"Chad!" a familiar voice called from behind him. "You just get here?"\n\nHe turned to see Patrick Procter, one of his previous partners in crime, with a bottle in each hand, both close to empty.\n\n"Hey, man!" He said. "Yeah, just a minute ago. How's it been?"\n\n"Fun! Really great." He held his bottles up. "These are my third."\n\n"And fourth?" Chad asked.\n\n"No, my third set of...y'know, these. Just came to stock up."\n\nHe took the final mouthfuls from each bottle, and Chad allowed him to squeeze past and take two more from the fridge. "So what you up to?" he asked.\n\n"Ahh, just in the living room at the moment. Hella dance party going on. Gotta split, anyway, left the Thompson twins unattended. You should come hang!"\n\nHe scampered off. Chad looked around for Aaron, and found him talking to JJ Powers, someone he had met at college who Chad didn't know very well.\n\n"How's it going, JJ?" he said, approaching.\n\n"It's goin' awesome, man." JJ said slowly, two red planets in his eye sockets. "We were just thinking about going out back for a smoke. You in?"\n\n* [[Go outside and smoke with Aaron and JJ]]\n* [[Go upstairs and find Melissa]]\n* [[Go to the living room and hit on the Thompson twins with Patrick]]
Chad walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Sandra.\n\n"You alright?" he asked. Neither of the Thompson twins were huge fans of Chad, but Sandra was usually the more polite.\n\n"Dandy." she replied sarcastically. "Would be a lot better if not for lightweight here." She gestured over to Ellie, who was engaged in conversation with Patrick, yet clearly slurring her words.\n\nChad nodded. "Classy."\n\n"Indeed." Sandra said. "How bout you? You wasted yet?"\n\n"These are my first two." Chad told her. "Sorry to not live up to my stereotype."\n\n"Oh, I love this song! WOO! Come on, let's dance!" Ellie screamed, and took Patrick to the dancefloor. Chad and Sandra watched them dance as if it was the scene of a horrible accident.\n\n"Well, they make a cute couple." Chad joked.\n\n"Ugh, don't even." Sandra replied. "Imagine their kids. They'd bleed cheap gin." She stood up. "I can't bear to watch this travesty any longer. I need a drink. I know you already have two, but you're welcome to join me."\n\n* [[Go to the kitchen with Sandra]]\n* [[Continue watching Patrick and Ellie dance]]
...and came to a stop facing Hayley.\n\n"Ooh!" Melissa said, her eyebrows arching. "//This// should be interesting."\n\n"Indeed." Hayley agreed, with a semi-frightening look in her eyes. She stood up, walked over, pulled Chad to his feet, and lead him into the wardrobe, closing the door behind them.\n\n"So..." she whispered.\n\n"Yeah. Hayley, I-"\n\nShe grabbed his hands and placed them onto her breasts. "Shut up."\n\n"No, stop it, come on, Hayley, I do-"\n\nBut then she put her hand down his trousers and her lips onto his and he completely forgot what he was going to say.\n\nShe kissed him furiously, unrelenting. He knew she had liked him for a long time, but even so it surprised him. Finally, she came up for breath. "Do you have a...?" she left the question hanging.\n\n"Yeah, I do." He rummaged around in his pocket as she undid the button on his trousers.\n\nA short while later, they were in the thick of it.\n\n"How long has it been?" he asked, in between heavy breaths.\n\n"I don't know." was her short reply.\n\n"I should have set a timer on my phone, really. This is cutting it a little fine. This is-"\n\nAnd then the wardrobe door opened, with Melissa, Eric, Sarah and Billy all peering in.\n\n".....hi." Billy said.\n\n"...hey." Chad replied, quickly exiting Hayley and pulling his trousers up.\n\n"Wow, you guys really made the most of it, huh?" Melissa said. She was trying to grin but Chad could see her eyes were full of hurt. Which made perfect sense. He did just sleep with another girl in her closet.\n\n"Mel, I'm really sorry." Chad started. "She just-"\n\n"Hey, it doesn't matter." Melissa shrugged. "I'm gonna go see what's going on downstairs, anyway."\n\nShe strode off. Chad tried to follow her, but Hayley grabbed his arm.\n\n"Just let her cool off for a bit, Chad, enjoy her party. Why don't we just go somewhere more private?"\n\n* [[Go after Melissa]]\n* [[Go with Hayley]]
...and came to a stop facing Billy.\n\n"Oh, hell no!" Billy cried out. "I ain't goin' in no closet wit no dude!"\n\n"Why are you talking like that?" Melissa giggled, as Eric span it again. The bottle span round and round...\n\n* [[The bottle lands on Melissa]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Eric]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Hayley]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Sarah]]
"Great. I gotta go pee." Chad said.\n\n"Good to know." Eric replied.\n\n"Thanks for the talk." he said to Sarah, smiling, before heading to the bathroom.\n\nAs he unzipped his fly and began peeing, he noticed a familiar sight out of the window. He opened it and saw Aaron, making his way up the trellis.\n\n"Aaron!" he shouted.\n\n"Hey, Chad!" Aaron yelled back. "How's it going?"\n\n"It's...it's good. Get DOWN!"\n\n"But I wanna-"\n\n"No! Down!"\n\nChad looked dejected. "Fine." he said, as he began to climb down again. A slight groan of disappointment came up from the people on the ground.\n\nClosing the window, Chad chuckled, before washing his hands and leaving the bathroom. He stuck his head back into Melissa's bedroom door, but Sarah was gone.\n\n"Downstairs." Eric told him, before he could open his mouth.\n\n"Thanks." He wandered into the kitchen and was swiftly accosted by Jerry Aviator.\n\n"Chad!" Jerry exclaimed, putting his arm round his shoulder and taking him back the way he came. "Me and some of the guys were gonna go on a little joyride. You in?"\n\n"Erm, I dunno, Jer." Chad said. "There's kind of a party going on."\n\n"Ahh, this won't take long. Just do some drives fast, get the adrenaline pumping, and then bring that juice back here and, y'know...dance the night away. Or something. Let's go!"\n\nChad tried to protest again, but Jerry opened the back seat of his car and pushed him in.\n\n"Alright?" Matthew Nadir nodded at him from the front. "That guy next to you is Jordan. He's pretty cool."\n\n"Hi." Chad waved, as Jerry slipped into the driver's seat.\n\n"So where we headed to?" Matthew asked.\n\n"Bypass." Jerry replied, before peeling out. They made their way down the side streets that had taken them all to Melissa's house before, and eventually made their way onto a dual carriageway. Jerry put his foot down, and they flew forward. Matthew undid his seatbelt, rolled down the window next to him, and stuck half of himself, up to his waist, out of the window, while looking up at the sky.\n\n"WOOOOOOOO!" he screamed, buzzed off of the alcohol in his system, alive with the vigour of youth. "WOOOOOOOOOO!"\n\nThen a car rammed them from behind, and he fell out, the back of his skull slamming onto the road at high speed.\n\n"JESUS!"\n"WHAT THE FUCK?!"\n"WHO IS THAT?"\n\nJerry turned onto the other lane and looked into his mirrors. "Ohhhhh. No."\n\n"What?" Chad yelled. "Who is it?"\n\n"It's...I owe them some money. Well, lots of money. Well, in the thousands."\n\n"You fucking, fucking idiot, Jerry!" Chad screamed. "What did I tell you abo-AHH!"\n\nThe car smashed into the side of them and almost sent them careering off the road. Only a few hundred metres ahead of them was a roundabout.\n\n"Which way do I go?!" Jerry cried.\n\n"Left!" Chad and Jordan yelled in unison.\n\n"Why?" he asked.\n\n"I don't know why! Just do it!" Chad shouted.\n\nThey hurtled towards the roundabout, and at the last possible second Jerry slammed onto the brakes and turned left. The car skidded and inexplicably ended up facing the right direction. Jerry sped off as Chad looked out the back window. The other car had had to slow down to avoid the roundabout, and was much farther away.\n\n"Okay," he said, turning around, "I think with a couple of turns we should be rid of the-THAT IS A TREE."\n\nThe words barely managed to leave his mouth before they slammed into the tree at full speed. Chad closed his eyes and shielded his face, the impact slamming him into the front passenger seat. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes again, aching all over. Jordan was unconscious, but still looked to be breathing. Jerry's head was laid on the wheel, and he could see blood gushing from a wound.\n\nHe needed to call an ambulance, needed to help them, but there was no time. Their pursuers were on their way down now. Chad undid his seatbelt and got out of the car as quick as he could. Stealing a quick look at the front of the car, which was completely totaled, he looked at his two routes. One, down the main road, made him visible but could bring help, while the other, a dirt road leading into the forest, was dark but could shield him from view.\n\n* [[Go down the main road]]\n* [[Go down the dirt road]]
Chad took a deep breath and ran as fast as he could down the main road. He barely got 200 yards before they caught up with him, the car skidding in front of him and the unknown assailants getting out.\n\n"Listen, guys." he tried to explain. "I got nothing to do with-"\n\nAnd then there was a glint of steel and that was it.\n\n''THE END''
"Sorry, man." Chad replied. "I'm gonna go see what Mel's up to. I'll catch up with you guys later, though, okay?"\n\n"Bros before hoes, Chaddy!" Aaron protested, but he was smiling. "Nah, go get her. See you in a bit!"\n\nChad waved to both of them as he headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He couldn't remember which was Melissa's bedroom at first, and ended up walking in on Ian Butler and some girl he didn't know before finding Melissa and her friends playing spin the bottle.\n\n"Chad!" she beamed. "Come sit here, look." She scooted up a bit and allowed him to sit next to her. "You know Billy, Eric, and Hayley already, but this..." pointing to the girl on her other side", "...is Sarah. Sarah, this is Chad."\n\n"Hi." she waved.\n\n"Ok, introductions all done?" Billy asked.\n\n"Sure." Melissa replied. "Spin that shit!"\n\nThe game commenced. Eric kissed Hayley. Sarah kissed Chad. Billy kissed Eric. Melissa kissed Sarah, complete with hooting and hollering.\n\n"Okay," Eric said, once the two girls broke apart. "How about we make this a little more interesting?"\n\n"Oh yeah?" Chad had drunk most of his bottle by then and was beginning to feel a slight buzz. "What'd you have in mind?"\n\n"The next two the bottle lands on....have to go in the wardrobe for seven minutes." He pointed to Melissa's fairly sizeable walk-in closet.\n\nMelissa groaned. "Like that seven minutes in heaven game? Groan. How old are we again?"\n\n"Exactly my point!" Eric countered. "With our age and hormones, who knows what wacky hijinks will occur?"\n\n"I'm all for it." Hayley said, sneaking a sideways glance at Chad.\n\n"Okay, fine." Melissa agreed. "Go on then, spin it."\n\nEric spun the bottle with all the force he could muster, and it eventually came to a stop facing Chad.\n\n"Ohhhhhhhh!" came the juveline cry from from Billy, Eric and Melissa.\n\n"Ok, then, let's find out who Chad'll be spending his time with!" Eric span it again, as Chad tried to gauge everyone's reaction. Billy and Eric, fairly obviously, weren't up for going into the wardrobe with another guy, and had only come up here to mack on chicks. Hayley looked eager, Sarah looked nonplussed, and Melissa was impossible to read.\n\nThe bottle span round and round...\n\n* [[The bottle lands on Melissa]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Eric]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Hayley]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Billy]]\n* [[The bottle lands on Sarah]]
"Fuck it", he decided eventually, as he moved towards her, planted his hands on her hips, and softly pressed his lips to hers. She returned it, and they embraced for a long while before she pulled away.\n\n"No." she said. "I'm sorry, Chad. I am. But I just can't."\n\nHe felt numb. "That's okay." he said, but knew his face betrayed him.\n\n"You should go." She told him.\n\nSo he went and got his beers and he left and went and drank by a riverbank and while he was throwing an empty bottle into the river he slipped and hit his head on a rock and fell into the river and eventually drowned.\n\n''THE END''
Chad decided to go left and ran into the dark forest, taking his phone out and using it as a meagre torch. There was no sign of Eric, but eventually he tripped over a strange hatch in the ground. He went down it and found a group of Nazis about to put the finishing touches on their plan to take over the world with steroid-y super-soldiers. He defeated them all and saved the world and was a national hero and Melissa totally married him and everything.\n\n''THE END''
As Chad exited the master bedroom, he heard the unmistakable sound of vomit coming from the bathroom. Choosing to stay far away from Ellie for now, he went back downstairs.\n\n"Hey, Chad!" Jerry Aviator waved to him as he came down. "You wanna go on a joyride?"\n\n"No thanks, man." Chad said. "Just gonna see how Patrick's doing."\n\n"Oh, he totally threw up! Puke everywhere. It was gross. I think Sandra took him home."\n\n"Ah, ok, thanks." Chad instead chose to go to the back garden, spent the rest of the night smoking with Aaron and JJ, and eventually passed out face-down in the bath.\n\n''THE END''
Chad went right, figuring Eric would be more likely to be running towards civilisation rather than into a haunted-looking forest. He was a faster runner than Eric, and eventually caught up to him. They began to fight, rolling around on the ground, punching each other. They were so caught up in the fight they didn't notice the cliff that appeared out of nowhere, and they both fell down to their deaths.\n\n''THE END''
...and came to a stop facing Sarah.\n\nBoth parties looked at each other, fairly uncomfortably. Hayley stared daggers at the frightened-looking Sarah, while Melissa pulled her to her feet. "Come on, girl! Get in there!" Chad slowly stood up and followed her into the wardrobe, the door slamming shut behind them.\n\nThere was a long silence, which Chad eventually broke with "...so I'm Chad."\n\nShe laughed quietly. "That explains why they were all calling you that."\n\n"Oh. Yeah." He blushed, and was thankful she couldn't see.\n\n"Just so you know, we're not going to do anythi-"\n\n"Oh yeah, of course, I know." he said.\n\n"I have a boyfriend."\n\n"That's cool. May as well let them have their fun, though."\n\n"Yeah." He could hear her shuffling uncomfortably. "So...you and Melissa used to date?"\n\n"Um, yeah, we did. For about a year and a half."\n\n"What happened?"\n\n"Honestly? I was a dick. I was rude all the time and selfish and just made her feel like I didn't care about her."\n\n"But you did really?" Sarah asked.\n\n"Yeah, I just...I don't even fuckin' know. I was an ass, and she dumped me. We're friends now, and it's all good, but...I still...I'm sorry to dump this on you, you've only known me a few minutes."\n\n"That's okay. I've not known Melissa very long, but she talks about you sometimes."\n\n"Oh yeah? Anything good?"\n\n"Well, I was expecting more of a slut." she laughed. "But it's pretty positive, yeah. In all honesty? I think there could be a torch of some sort there still."\n\n"Really?" He thought for a second. "That's...that's cool. I guess."\n\n"I'm glad you think so. Hey, do you think they can hear any of this?"\n\n"We can hear //all of it//.", Eric said sharply through the door.\n\nChad's blood ran cold, and he swiftly opened the door. Billy and Eric were both there, but they had turned the Xbox on, and there was no sign of Hayley or Melissa.\n\n"Where'd the girls go?" he asked.\n\n"They went downstairs, I think." Billy said. "Mel said she knew nothing interesting would be going on in there. She was right, by the way."\n\n* [[Play Xbox with Billy and Eric]]\n* [[Go pee]]
As much as he wanted to kiss her, Chad knew the truth. He loved Melissa, but didn't trust himself, and couldn't bear to hurt her like he had before.\n\n"Look," she said eventually, "I think...I think we can try again. But we shouldn't rush into anything tonight. What do you say?"\n\nHe smiled. "Sounds good to me."\n\nThey embraced, and went out to rejoin the party.\n\nA couple of nights later, they went on another date. It went super well, and they ended up getting married and having many beautiful children.\n\n''THE END''
Chad inhaled sharply and ran down the dirt road, into the cover of darkness. He hid in a bush as the other car pulled up, and watched for a minute or so as they began to search the wreck, before running off further down the road.\n\nEventually, he got to a strange, ethereal, Victorian-era house. Just to be safe, he ran and hid in the house, which was obviously abandoned. A strange feeling drew him to the basement, where he found a chest full of pirate booty.\n\nAfter Jerry, Matthew, and Jordan's funerals, he went on cash for gold and lived out the rest of his days as a very rich man.\n\n''THE END''
"Sorry, Mel." Chad replied. "I can't let him get away with that."\n\n"With what? He didn't even get to do anything!" Melissa yelled, but Chad was already running away and thundering down the stairs.\n\n"Have you seen Eric?" he demanded of the first person he saw. They wordlessly pointed towards the front door. Chad ran out. "Eric!", he yelled, but for obvious reasons received no response.\n\nHe made his way down the driveway and onto the main road, hearing the sound of fading footsteps. They sounded like they were coming from his left, where the road ended and turned into woodland, but in his state he couldn't be sure.\n\n* [[Go left in your hunt for Eric]]\n* [[Go right in your hunt for Eric]]
"What?" Chad replied. "Why would I want to make things worse?" He shook off her arm and went downstairs to look for Melissa.\n\nHe found her in the living room, crying on Sandra Thompson's shoulder.\n\n"Melissa," he said. "I'm really sorry. She just-"\n\n"Fuck you, Chad!" Tears were rolling down her cheeks. "Just get out of here, okay?"\n\n"But I-"\n\n"GET OUT!"\n\nSo he did.\n\n''THE END''
...and came to a stop facing Melissa. Chad glanced at her nervously, while Eric and Hayley looked sullen.\n\n"Okay then." She stood up and reached her hand over to his. "Let's get to it."\n\nHe let her pull him up and they entered the wardrobe.\n\n"So..." he started.\n\n"Just so you know, they can hear everything we're saying in there." Melissa told him. "So whatever you wanna say you may want to keep it down."\n\n"Okay, I'll keep that in mind." Chad struggled to think of any sort of topic. "So...how are you enjoying your party?"\n\n"Oh, it's a real hoot. Listen, we've got seven minutes here. Should we...talk?"\n\n"I thought you said they could hear everything we're saying."\n\n"Yeah, but I don't care if they hear most stuff, I just wanted to make sure you didn't ask for a blowjob or anything."\n\n"Smooth." Chad laughed. "Hey, isn't there a light in here somewhere?"\n\n"Yeah, one sec." She felt around the room and pressed the switch, and he saw her properly. Her red hair was immaculately straightened, and she was wearing a dress he'd never seen before. They locked eyes, and he began to see more than he had in years.\n\n"You look really great tonight." he told her, fully aware that he was beginning to blush.\n\n"Thanks." she said, twirling a strand of hair around in her fingers. "Look, Chad, I....I've missed you. Really, I have."\n\n"I've missed you too." he admitted. "A lot. I know everything that happened was my fault, and..." he het himself trail off, unsure of how to continue.\n\n"The problem is, Chad, that...I know I still have feelings for you, but are you any different? At all? You're still bringing an abundance of alcohol with you to parties, there's probably some pot on you somewhere...but I can deal with all that, whatever, it's fun. The real thing is, are you still selfish? Are you still a...a dick?"\n\nThat was a question Chad didn't know how to answer. "I....don't know." he said finally. "I don't know if I can make that call."\n\nHe was surprised when she smiled. "The old you would never have said that."\n\nHer eyes stared into his again. They looked wise, full of the remembrance of previous hurt and the light of renewed hope.\n\n//Did I do this to her?//, Chad thought. //She's a nineteen year old throwing a party. No nineteen year old should have eyes like that.//\n\nHe tried to lose himself in the eyes, hoping it would tell him what to do next.\n\n* [[Kiss Melissa]]\n* [[Don't kiss Melissa]]
Gang of Wolves
"Great. Hey, what you playing?" Chad said.\n\n"COD", Eric told him, gesturing to the screen. "You want in?"\n\n"Sure." Chad replied, and picked up an extra controller.\n\nHe played Call of Duty for a little while, before he heard an unfortunately familiar sound coming from above him.\n\n"Is someone on the roof?" Billy asked.\n\n"Oh, christ...I should go fix that."\n\n"We're in the middle of a game!"\n\n"Yeah, sorry." Chad pressed a few buttons, and an airstrike rained down on the other two players' heads. "I gotta go deal with this."\n\nHe ran downstairs and outside, where a small group was already gathering to watch a seemingly already intoxicated Aaron cavort around on the roof. Luckily, Melissa was not yet among them.\n\n"Aaron!" Chad yelled.\n\n"Heey, Chaddy!" Aaron shouted back. "Check it out! I'm like, the king of the house!"\n\n"Get down from there! Do you not remember what happened last time!"\n\n"What?"\n\n"Get DOWN! Jesus!"\n\nEven from down there Chad could see Aaron looking dejected. It was pretty funny. "Fine." he said, in a strop, and began to climb down the side of the trellis. About halfway down, he turned his head. "Hey, so Chaddy, how'd it go with M-" and then he lost his grip and was falling.\n\nFor a split second, Chad considered trying to catch him, but then he landed painfully on his arm, and that thought was over.\n\n"OWW! FUCK! SHIT!" he screamed, writhing around on the concrete.\n\n"Wow." JJ said, suddenly next to Chad. "Is he okay?"\n\n"How could you let him go up there?" Chad yelled. "What the hell?"\n\nJJ shrugged. "Seemed funny at the time."\n\nChad sighed in frustration before calling an ambulance, waiting for it outside the front door, and then riding with Aaron to the hospital. He broke his arm, and everyone knew it was his own fault.\n\n''THE END''
"Sure, dude." Chad replied. "Let's roll!"\n\n"I rolled it already", JJ replied, as they headed towards the back door.\n\nMelissa's parents' garden was filled with even more people, a haze of smoke permeating the late summer air. There was a strong smell of tobacco, with a slightly weaker weed smell mixed in.\n\nJJ pulled out his lighter and a fat joint. "Anyone else want in?" he yelled, holding them above his head, and a couple of people joined them. "Hey, JJ." one of them said.\n\n"Hey, Gary. Who's your friend?" JJ asked.\n\n"This is Tony. He's Claire's brother, remember her?" Gary said.\n\n"Oh yeah!" JJ replied. "How //is// Claire?"\n\n"She's doing better." Tony said. "Sometimes she can go out on her own now."\n\n"That's awesome. Ok, we lighting up?"\n\n"Hang on." Chad said, and pulled out a joint of his own. "Have one on each side. Three-toke pass?"\n\n"Sounds good to me." They lit up, and 10 minutes later, when the joints were extinguished, every one of Chad's movements had him slipping between dimensions.\n\n"Awesome." he whispered, before coming to a profound realisation. "Melissa!"\n\n"No, I'm Aaron." Aaron said.\n\n"What? No, Melissa! I love her."\n\n"What?" Aaron replied.\n\n"I said I-"\n\n"No, I heard. Dude, you can't do that. You've been through this all before."\n\n"I don't care." Chad declared. "I love her. I'm going to go tell her RIGHT NOW."\n\n"Wait, sto-" Aaron tried to say, but before he could finish Chad was back indoors and hurtling upstairs as fast as he could. He bumped into Ian Butler by accident as he was coming out of the guest bedroom, apologised, and continued on into Melissa's room.\n\nTwo of Melissa's friends, Billy and Hayley were sitting on her bed, along with another girl Chad didn't know. He stared at them for a few seconds, dumbfounded, before remembering why he came in there. "Melissa!" he cried suddenly. "Where is she?"\n\nBilly ponted towards her walk-in wardrobe, and Chad strode towards it. Just as he was about open the door, he heard her cry out. "Eric, no!"\n\nHe wrenched open the door and found Eric with his hands on Melissa's wrists, trying to push his lips forward onto hers.\n\n"Chad!" the two yelled in unison.\n\nChad, confused and somewhat startled, took a second to grasp the situation. "Hey!" he finally replied.\n\n"Get the fuck out, you dumb stoner! I'm a little busy here." Eric yelled.\n\n"Screw you!" Melissa tried to escape Eric's grasp, but failed. "Help me, god dammit!"\n\nEverything suddenly clicked in Chad's brain, and he lunged forward to attack Eric, who swiftly moved to the side, past him, and out of the room.\n\n"You ok?" Chad asked Melissa.\n\n"...yeah, I'm fine." she replied softly, rubbing her wrists where Eric had grabbed her. "Thanks for helping me."\n\n"It was nothing." Chad felt a sudden fury. "I'm gonna get that piece of shit."\n\n"No, don't! Forget that loser, he's gone, whatever. Stay here with me."\n\n* [[Go after Eric]]\n* [[Stay and comfort Melissa]]
"Sure, let's go." Chad said. "This could turn ugly quickly anyway."\n\nThey walked into the kitchen, and spent the rest of the party talking. In Sandra, Chad found a new kindred spirit, and a close friend for life. She helped him get back together with Melissa and was the maid of honour at their wedding. It was sweet.\n\n''THE END''
Chad exited the master bedroom, walked down the hall to the bathroom, and knocked on the door. "Ellie? How you feeling?"\n\nHe opened the door just as she vomited her absolute guts out into the bowl.\n\n"Ewwwwwwwww." he said. It totally put him off the whole concept of partying and he went home.\n\n''THE END''
Chad walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Ellie.\n\n"Hey, Chad!" she beamed. "How's everything going?"\n\n"Excellent, thanks." he replied. "You enjoying yourself?"\n\n"Oh, hell yeah! I'm a //little// tipsy, I admit, but...oh, I love this song! WOO! Come on, let's dance!"\n\nSome sort of synth-y number had started playing, and Ellie dragged Chad into the middle of the dancefloor. He looked back at Patrick, now talking to Sandra, and smiled. If anyone could bring her out of her shell, it was him.\n\n"Come ON, Chad! Dance!" Ellie insisted, pushing her hips into his as they moved. Chad was an awful dancer, but this didn't seem to matter to Ellie, who was enjoying herself no matter what.\n\nSuddenly, she pulled him close and whispered in his ear. "How about we go upstairs?"\n\n"Huh?" Chad asked, and Ellie looked at him as if he was the world's biggest moron.\n\n"//Upstairs//, Chad. Like...the bedroom? Yes?"\n\nChad almost grimaced, but managed to turn it into a smile. "Ellie, what? You're completely wasted. I can't-"\n\n"Can and will!" She roared. "Let's go!"\n\nThen she was holding Chad's hand and running, pulling him along with her out of the living room, up the stairs, and into the guest room. Where Ian Butler was already busy with a girl Chad didn't know.\n\n"Oh, shit! Sorry, Ian. Sorry, Amy!" Ellie giggled as she shut the door. "Where else is there....parents' room!"\n\n"Ellie, for god's sake, what-" but then she was pulling him again, and sprinting into Melissa's parents' room.\n\n"Come on!" she shouted, pushing him onto the bed. "Get to it!"\n\nChad tried really hard to mask the sound of his laughter. "Ellie, you're so drunk. You don't like me at the best of times usually, you know that. What are you doing?"\n\nShe responded by slapping him hard across the face.\n\n"What am //I// doing?! What are YOU-excuse me a second." She ran out of the room and towards the bathroom. Chad looked after where she'd ran out for a single dumbfounded second before getting off Melissa's parents' bed.\n\n* [[Go check on Ellie]]\n* [[Go back downstairs to see Patrick]]
"Later, bro." Chad replied. "I'm gonna go make sure Patrick doesn't hurt himself or anything."\n\n"A'ight." Aaron responded colloquially enough, but his expression was sour. He had never been a fan of Patrick.\n\n"Make sure Aaron doesn't try to climb anything, okay?" Chad grabbed a second bottle just cause and headed for the living room. Some sort of dubstep was blaring out the speakers, and everything in the room was pressed far against the wall as a large gaggle of drunken guests danced in the middle.\n\nHe spotted Patrick on the sofa, Thompson twin on either side. Patrick noticed him, and made a couple of vague head gestures that basically amounted to "take your pick".\n\nChad thought about it. They were both as beautiful as the other, that much was for sure. Ellie was laughing, tossing her hair, and generally seemed to be enjoying herself with Patrick. Sandra, meanwhile, looked fairly sullen and bored.\n\n* [[Sit with Ellie]]\n* [[Sit with Sandra]]
by Tom Bown
"...okay, sure." Chad replied. "What should we do?"\n\n"I don't know." Melissa said, before sniffing. "Are you high?"\n\nChad shrugged. "A little."\n\nShe sighed, amused. "How about we go do more of that?"\n\n"If you like." he said, grinning and following her to the back garden, where Aaron and JJ were waiting.\n\n"That was quick!" Aaron exclaimed. "Did you tell her already?"\n\n"Tell me what?" Melissa asked.\n\n"It's nothing." Chad said. "C'mon, let's smoke this. You guys want in?"\n\n"I'll pass." JJ told them. "The colours are fun enough as it is. I think I might just go sit down."\n\nHe wandered off into the house, Aaron following and stumbling. There were only a couple of people left in the garden, and Chad didn't know either of them, so he just shared his second joint with Melissa.\n\n"So, what DID Aaron mean?" she asked teasingly about halfway through.\n\n"It really wasn't anything. Are you sure you're okay?" Chad asked.\n\n"Okay? Please. Eric's just a creepy pervert. Who gives a shit?" She took a large drag and exhaled theatrically into the air. "Come on, man. Tell me about this."\n\n"I..." Eric's head was swimming, both with the effects of the weed and with general conflicted emotions. "It was just...just that I guess I still like you. Is all."\n\nThe words were barely out of his mouth before Melissa flung her arms around Chad's neck and kissed him passionately.\n\n"God damn, I was hoping you'd say that." she said softly as it finished. "Come on. Let's finish that and then we'll go upstairs."\n\n//I've been going up and down these damn stairs way too much tonight//, a small, idiotic part in the back of his head thought, but the rest of him was merely overwhelmed with happiness as she took his hand, led him upstairs and into her bedroom, and locked the door behind them.\n\n''THE END''