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Andy J

While programming games is not something I have much experience with, I am in general a programasaurus. I expect I'll be learning some Unity during the GGJ since I hear that's the platform of choice in situations like this.

More About Me (Inspiration):
Hello Internetz. My name, as you know, is the whizkid, and I would like to say that this video is my audition tape for the 2011 Global Game Jam. First and firstmost I am a fierce competitor, so I will win this year. I will take the money with those earnings and buy cool stuff. Like for my grandmother, a Razor mouse so she can email my future kids, like rest in peace. And I will also buy myself something cool, like for example, in addition to, a power glove so that I can play World of Warcraft without touching the keys or mouse. So in conclusion, I would like to create the summarization of what I have just said in finality. I'm a fierce competitor. Ed Hardy water, yo vokka, Jesus, these are things that are a summarization of me. So put me on your team.

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