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Scott Robert Lawrence

I'm a Game Designer graduate of the ITT Tech Digital Design Bachelor program. I've made many small games and some mid-sized mods, so far for free. In teams I was often the leader, a 3-d asset designer, or a programmer (mostly in proprietary scripts like Unreal or custom Angelscript). I draw computer chips for a living (IC Layout Mask Designer) so my CAD skills are up to snuff, and my schooling gave me lots of practice in Flash and 3ds Max. I do a fair amount of intranet work so I can LAMP my way out of a box if needed. I can also draw comic art to a certain degree (I have a webcomic).

I'm a big, pretty easy-going guy, fairly quiet, ready to listen to the ideas of others and also able to provide creative input. I play minecraft SMP with friends and family, I play Gameful and my monster is fully blinged out. I like RPGs, puzzle games, Mario and Zelda, and don't really like splattery games. I enjoy playing war games occasionally but I always lose.

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