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Ben Verkroost

Currently I am Employed at Logica as a Junior Test Analyst. Previously i have been studying a Master in Informatics. This study had the focus on Game and media Technology.

Next to my study I have been an active member of the board of DGDARC. DGDARC is a small organization that has the focus to stimulate game development under students. We have most contact with the students of the University Utrecht but we are also there for students from other institutes. We organize numerous events like themed lectures, excursions to game development companies and even a game development award for students.

I am interested in Game Development for a long time. I played and tried many games in the past. One of my hobbies is to test massive online game through beta tests. This way I can contribute to game development and work on the skills required for testing in such environments.

My interest is not only limited to computer games but reaches to real life games as well. I tried real life role playing games, pen and paper role playing games like D&D and Pathfinder and many board and card games.


Within my bachelor of applied science study I specialised on the topics of game development and software development methodologies. I created a 3D RTS game within a multidisciplinary team where I did the Management, Level Design, Storyline, Audio Design and the Documentary. Within the specialisation on methodologies I learned to know about many methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming, DSDM, RUP and many more.

In 2010 I participated in the Global Game Jam and creted El Mono with our group. This is a platform game where a Monkey had to escape the lab.

In 2010 I participated as part of my study in a game design course where I created: A board game and I did the game and level design for an RPG game.

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