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Robert Chatman

Not entirely sure what you would like to know about me, but here goes:

I started off in the UT99 Mod community, building mutators and trying to understand what was under the hood in 1999. I moved to Battlefield 1942 modding shortly and then to HL and HL2 modding for the first iteration of the game i am currently reworking - Project: White. I was involved in 6 different ventures which all were a bit too ambitious for developers abilities (eyes bigger than our stomaches syndrome). I was one of ~ 9 major contributors to a set of forums and wikis revolving around documenting development practices and details under the hood with HL2. I ended up writing more than 80 tutorials on topic as diverse as Programming concepts, Implementation of weapons, Movement systems and even AI at one point. After four projects i helped on were mismanaged, yes in a row =(, i took a hiatus from Source (and game development in general).

In November 2007 i founded a group of 9 developers and built out the foundation of what has become the new Project: White on UT3. Our work there afforded me the opportunity to build out and network with many amazing figures within the UT3 community and at one point i was approached with an offer from 3D Buzz Inc. to coauthor a chapter in their Mastering Unreal Technology series for UT3, and i worked with developers within Epic to help document and formalize their Mod Switch. With the release of UDK i have opted to move off of UT3 and build a full release game which is where Project: White is currently. I have been experimenting with the new tools (SpeedTree, Scaleform, and the related tools) in an effort to make something novel. You can read more about Project: White here: http://white.gneu.org/blog/

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