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Trevor Vaughan Williams Lukanen

I have designed several student and Independent Games such as Mob Mudslinger, Manifest, Recipe For Disaster (All Torque 3d/TGB), Pickoff (Unity/Mobile/Gallow Games), BattleMage (Tabletop), Balloon Popper (Flash), Advanced War the Card Game.

I have worked with Torque, Unity, Unreal 2k4, UDK, and Flash game Engines.

I am proficient with 3dsMax, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, Excel, Word, Flash, Cubase and Wavelab.

I can script using actionscript 3.0.

I have worked in the industry as an audiophile on Projects such as Stargate: The Pegasus Chronicles, Dancing with the Stars, Rock Band, and Hannah Montana.

I am looking to continue to improve and make my mark on the industry by providing people with quality user experiences in all aspects of media development.

I am currently looking for work in my industry and am willing to relocate.

Web based Interactive Design, Development and Implementation using a variety of software applications such as Flash. I am a skilled concept and digital artist, audio composer , game designer, Technical and Creative writer. I can script as well using Actionscript 3.0.

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