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Dan Gemvall

Dan Gemvall

I currently work as a graphic artist and tutor at PlaygroundSquad. Witch is a Advanced vocational education located in Falun, Sweden. I've also worked at Simbin Development Team AB as a track, props and car artist.
My main toolset is Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Xnormal, Crazybump, Motionbuilder, audacity, my two turntables and a camera. This allows me to be flexible in what i do and broaden my scope. Witch also can broaden my applicable areas in a game or on a company.

As much as i enjoy the digital arts i also enjoy the traditional. Life drawing, sculpting, painting and sketching. Although those things have been happening a lot less as of late.

Be sure to check out our school at www.playgroundsquad.com and visit our forum. Feel free to post any questions you have over there.

What i always want to remember is to keep on challenging myself. To look forward to my next goal and to go for what i feel is fun.

Global Game Jam is certainly a part of that.
Feel free to ask me anything

//Dan Gemvall

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