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William Henry Grant Johnson

Born in the impoverished nation of Pensacola, William learned that life on the streets is hard, so he stopped living on the streets. After William laid down the plans for the rest of his life. He'd go to school for about 10 years give or take, graduate with a Masters in Awesome-ness from Brown then start a Fortune 500 company and work his way up to CEO and then buy out all the stalks so that he'd own 100% of the company he started and owned already. All that would be accomplished at 25.

After 5 years of running his company, William would retire and spend the rest of his retirement trying to kill his one true archnemesis, the Moon. For too long, the Moon had been playing nothing but mind games with the Earth, changing tides, and being used to calculate months, but no more!

So William build several failed weapons to destroy the Moon, wasting his vast fortune. After a while, William realized the more obvious way to destroy the Moon was to simply ram the Earth in to the Moon. With his fortune gone William built a time machine and went back in time to a time when he had money and built a giant rocket to push the Earth in to the Moon.

However do to an error he traveled back in time and killed John Wilkes Booth. To prevent a paradox William disguised himself as Booth and assassinated Abraham Lincoln. It was only days later that William found out that this time machine didn't work and he was still in 1985 and that both Booth and Lincoln had been dead for over 100 years.

As to not loose face William thought it would be best to clone John Wilkes Booth, kill him and then impersonate the Booth clone and kill a clone Abraham Lincoln. This way what William had thought happened would really happen, and thus preventing a paradox and saving the Universe.

And that is why they say, "Where there is a Will(iam) there is a way."

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