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Ashley McLaughlin

Ashley McLaughlin

Email: DiJiT3Latgmail [dot] com
Twitter: HARDSHELLart

I'm an Interactive Game Artist as my day job at Concrete Software in Eden Prairie. Since we're a small company we usually have a 2 person team per game that consists of an artist and a programmer. Together we design the game (mechanics, story, assets). I create all the assets, animation, 3d, UI - basically all the visuals for each game I get designated work on. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Flash on a daily basis. I also use Max for game models/textures if necessary.

I'm most in my element doing character/story design.

Samples of my art/animation can be seen on:
My Blog: www.hardshellart.blogspot.com
My Portfolio: www.hardshellart.com

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