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Edwin Rodriguez

Hello GGJ community,
I'm very excited to have this opportunity to experience a real game development process (if that makes any sense); I’ve never attended anything like this of this magnitude. I’m a full sail online Game Design student and have been attending since February 2011. I hope to find a bit more about the game development process first hand to better prepare myself for indie projects of my own. I love anything futuristic or cyberpunk for that matter and wish to share my concepts to the world someday. I believe to be somewhat of an artist and am exploring other mediums that will help me become a great creative director in the near future. If anyone is as ambitious as myself and wants to chat a bit more about anything game dev or wants to just say “Hey” my ears are always open; here’s some contact info:

Twitter: @EdwinRodrigue26 (PLEASE FOLLOW)
E-mail: MRRODRIGUEZ407atAOL [dot] COM

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