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Erica Ánjali Goodwin

My name is Erica.

A passion for learning processes, creative-collaborative processes, and communication lead me to study the Art & Science of Education in Denmark and before that the Theatre Arts (Dramaturgy, Stage Design & Technology) in the US.

Today I work as a learning specialist at www.assima.dk where we create digital and print learning products and training programs for international companies and public organisations. In this multi-role I develop pedagogical and creative concepts, storyboards, write manuscripts, do educational consulting, and manage smaller projects. I collaborate and coordinate with project managers, graphic designers, game designers, and programmers,etc.

As a kid/teen I created a jobfinding game with my best friend, played D&D, and was a big fan of graphic novels. Once I was obsessed with solving the riddles in the game "Riven". Nowadays, I typically play casual games or board games with my kids.

From Austin, Texas, but have lived many years in the Copenhagen area; speak, read and write English and Danish.

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