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Fabio Paccosi

I’m Fabio Paccosi from Viterbo, Italy. I’m 18 years old and I love the world of game development since I was at primary school.

My dream is to become a game programmer by profession, I do not know how specialization, but for now you just have to experience…

For my work, I use:

1 Unity 3D, c# and UnityScript

2 XNA, c#

3 Flixel framework for ActionScript

4 FlashPunk framework for ActionScript

5 Maya

6 Photoshop

7 zBrush

8 Motion Builder

9 InkScape

10 Flash

11 I program in C#, JavaScript 2.0, JavaScript 3.0, UnitySript and HTML

12 and I have knowledge of other 2D/3D graphics programs..

Currently, I’m working alone on my projects..

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