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Jonathan Gill

Jonathan Gill

In my second year as part of UC Santa Cruz's undergraduate CS: Game Design major.

Previous major works:

Sinistrum, a GGJ 2010 entry for which I performed art and design duties. It is a 3-player, turn-based game of deception, written in HTML5 for compatibility with mobile devices such as the iPhone. It is written to support offline caching, but is currently hosted on a server configured such that this feature does not function correctly.

Link: http://people.ucsc.edu/~joagill/Sinistrum/sinistrum.html

mɪʀʀФяяɪm, a single-player puzzle-platformer created over a quarter for UCSC's Winter 2010 CMPS80K game design class. The gameplay focuses on the player character's ability to manipulate his surroundings by replacing half of the environment with a mirror-image of the remaining half. The game was deemed 3rd best of the 100+ games created for the class by judges from Gaijin Games, EA Maxis, and Electronic Arts.

Link (currently Windows-only): http://www.yoyogames.com/games/119814-mɪʀʀФяяɪm

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