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Taylor Fischer

Born in Colorado in 1988, grew up in Alabama, Colorado, and Texas with her military family. Taylor graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in May 2010, and currently works for Zenimax Online Studios in Hunt Valley Maryland.

Taylor has also worked for Firaxis games in Sparks, Maryland as a concept artist, as well as at Big Huge Games in Timonium Maryland as a concept artist.

She enjoys life-science, all kinds of music, and the outdoors. She particularly enjoys going to the zoo, parks and camping, as well as collecting insects and taking care of her 5 snakes. Taylor has traveled to many places around the world, finds inspiration in all her life experiences, and hopes to continue having more things in life that drive her to create at work and at home.

Taylor's Projects include

Project Mercury - (Big Huge Games, 38 Studios)

Civilization 5 - (Firaxis Games, 2k Games)

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