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James Filippone

Greetings one and all.

My name is James Filippone, i'm an RMIT Digital Arts (with games focus) graduate, armed with the following skills in my creative arsenal:

-2D art and concept drawing
-Game design
-Game dev

My 2 strongest skills are game design and 2D art, though i'm also a competent texture artist and can fill any role that is relevant to my skillset.

My specialty is character design; my school of thinking for character design is, that characters should be designed to be simple and charistmatic, with their emphasis being on key 'flair' items/features that distinguish them, as well as having a unique and easily identifiable silhouette. Too often do we see character designs that are simply 'guy in space armour', that blend seamlessly into a crowd of monotony.

I'm very passionate about games, even to the point that i love thinking up rule sets for board games and card games in the time i have to myself.

Let's make some awesome stuff together, people!

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