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Jarrod Lowery

I am currently studying my Bachelor Of Interactive Entertainment (Games Design) at Qantm College in Melbourne, Australia.

My professional experience is very limited, but it is growing each week rapidly with the things I am learning at Qantm College Melbourne. Learning all these different tools and skills, I hope to use them in helping to develop, create and produce interactive entertainment for the user.

I am modeling in Autodesk Maya 2010 and 2011, developing concepts of drawn images. Knowing the correct proportions is vital to creating a visual model to represent the image, these skills that I have learned can be crossed over to 3ds Max as well.

Environment, Level Design and Narrative is where I believe that the user/player gets the majority of enjoyment from, thus capturing and engrossing them to have the unique bond with main protagonist (The Main Character) and the world around the character. However, the mechanics are vital in the player to understand the game play and therefore if the mechanics do not work properly then the user/player will not get the unique bond between the world and the characters.

Having learned DarkBasic Pro language in programming, I want to take it further into learning more complex languages, simply to just get a grasp on it. Understanding the basics and working your way up, is what I think is the bet way to understand you industry completely.

Scriptwriting, I am extremely new to this area. However, being an interesting field, I want to look more into this, getting good results in this subject, I really want to focus on narrative component in video games.

My Leadership and communication skills are relatively good and are improving on a continual basis. Working in service position, allows me to communicate with all different kinds of personalities and knowing what to say when being approached or even making small talk with them.

Teaching myself a program called Unity. I am currently working on developing an iPhone Game with some of my fellow students. Indie Development is where I currently want to end up at this point of time.

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