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John Garcia

Hello, My name is John and I am a game designer from the Savannah College of Art and Design living in RI. View my resume at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmgarciajr or my portfolio website at www.johnmgarcia.com

To give you an idea of what I know though, I was just in the 2011 Rosetta Stone Game Jam. That particular game jam was a 36 hour contest with teams of no more than 3. It was also a private game jam, where teams had to apply by answering a question and submitting resumes. Only 11 teams were chosen, one being my own team, and on those teams were numerous professionals representing Disney, Pixar, Lego, Firaxis, Big Huge Games, EA, Stupid Fun Club, and various other well known studios...

Had my team not been riddled with crashes at the end of the contest, we would have been in the top 2 placings for the Student division of the contest. I was also a competitor in the 2010 Global Game Jam from the Savannah location.

I now feel very comfortable since the RS Game Jam that I can lead a team in creating a UDK based mobile game within 48 hours that can be released to the iphone network to count as "Shipped title"

I plan to work with UDK and Scaleform, an actionscript 2.0 based interfacing system. Through UDK the plan is to design and create photo-real 3D game for the iphone/ipad market, and eventually android once UDK becomes android compatible.

I will be looking for people to help with the following areas:

C based/Java programming - I will need this person to be capable of working with unrealscript, which is similar to the C and Java languages.

Actionscript 2.0 programmer - This person will be using Actionscript 2.0 (not 3.0 unfortunately as its not compatible for scaleform) in the creation of the HUD interfacing elements through Scaleform, and VERY powerful interfacing tool

3D Artist/Animator - Though modeling is not a huge issues as I am a very solid modeler, I do not animate, and so this person must be capable of simple rigging/animation

Unreal designers - I need people who know UDK. Areas of UDK I would like experience in include: particle effect systems and kismet

If you are interested in being a part of my team come competition time please get in touch with me early! I am taking this VERY seriously, as my goal is to leave the contest with a game that is at the very least ready to convert to iphone as a 5+ minute demo to a future release! The reason for this goal is that once published to the app market it is largely considered an Indy Shipped Title, and if you know anything about the game industry it is that companies care more about the number of shipped titles you have than anything else in your resume or portfolio... I was able to nearly accomplish this goal last weekend at the Rosetta Stone Game Jam with a team of only 3 people total including myself, and in only 36 hours, so doing so with more people and more time at the GGJ should be very much possible!!!

Email me at johnatjohnmgarcia [dot] com if you are interested. Please include GGJ in the subject of the email, and a description of your skills and experience in the body.


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