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Josse Laurendeau Piron

Josse Laurendeau Piron

27 year old from Montreal,Canada currently a psychology student and Graphic Artist/Illustrator (having a visual Arts college diploma) , and trying to broaden my field of expertise and skills through participation in such competitions as the Global Game Jam. I've been doing illustrations for as long as i could remember, and always had a passion for the comic book and video game industries ever since i laid eye on that brand new NES platform and that golden Zelda cartridge all those years ago. I've had a few but limited amounts of occasions to participate on similar projects in the past, but i'm planning on continuing to do so for a long time.

I've recently been trying to learn 3D modeling, sound editing and webdesign and hopefully i'll be able to use those skills proficiently and more in the near future.

I like nothing more to draw, and have probably spent close to 20 000 hours of my life doing just that. Helping programmers, game designers and other teammates bring ideas to life through my skills is an amazing feeling, and one i hope i can continue to enjoy for a long time.

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