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Jose Rafael Striedinger

Jose Rafael Striedinger

My name is Jose Rafael Striedinger Pinilla, Computer Science student at University of Los Andes, Bogota/Colombia. I really love video games, as a gamer and as a future game developer I want to become.

The undergraduate program in my university does little emphasis in game development and/or design but, things are starting to change with some courses.

Since may 2010 I started studying game programming with Unity3D, thanks to e-books like Unity3D Game Development Essentials and others. Right know, my objective is to learn more about game and graphics design.

You can find in my webpage a little game I created called "Red Planet", it's pretty much like Asteroids, you can also find articles about things I love in the game industry and game reviews. I try to be as serious as I can. I just love to write about gaming :D

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