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Stacey Robinson

Stacey Robinson

Stacey "Wolfin" Robinson, aka Kinchiona

Let's keep this simple. I'm Wolfin Drackonen (Aka: Stacey Robinson and Kinchiona).

I'm the artist of the group :p I draw traditionally, digitally (pixels as well as larger soft images). My main thing to draw is quadrupedal animals. I also do some humans/anthros/other animals, but the anatomy usually isn't the best it could be (the same can be said for everything I do, though :p)
I've been doing art stuff for as long as I can remember, so I can't give you a date that I became serious about it. Namely because I'm not serious about it, but it's a addiction for me :P (jk, of course)

I guess tha's all I need to say. *wanders off after something shiny*

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