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Adam Haskell

Adam Haskell

Adam "Kolink" Haskell

Hi guys! I'm not good at writing about myself without sounding unmodest, so I'll just get right to it.

I've been programming since I was six years old. Started with HTML, since that was nice and simple. Got into JavaScript a few years later, then Game Maker when I was 10. Up until four years ago it was all fun and games, and then I decided to get serious.

I started learning PHP and began making an online game. It was a great success, however due to hosting limitations and a lack of funds the project went under.

Using the last of the funds from that project, I started a new one in the hopes it might do better. It certainly did. In fact as I write we're about to celebrate our 100,000th user. It wasn't easy, but I'm very pleased with our work at http://pokefarm.org/

Currently I'm working on another online game, putting everything I have learned to good use. You can see the first trailer for the game here: http://youtu.be/LKrobieVuWo

As for offline games, I've been doing more and more work in Game Maker. I made a platformer adventure game to propose to my girlfriend - the playable character was her avatar and she had to explore a cave-like environment, discovering abilities and finding strange blocks with letters on. At the end of the game my character appeared, revealing himself as the "disembodied voice" that had been guiding her around. He arranges the letter blocks to spell out the proposal.

I have also participated in previous competitions, though unfortunately my level design isn't the best and other work got in the way.

I used to have a TI graph calculator, and I programmed it to play Pong and Snake in under an hour each.

Overall, I love making games. I love providing enjoyment for others. Recently I founded Savage Mountain Software Ltd., a UK-based company that "specialises in making games that don't drain your life force away".

Okay, I think that's enough out of me!

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