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Linnea D. Aronsson

Linnea D. Aronsson

I have been drawing since I was a little girl and had it as my hobby on my freetime in many years until the fateful day when before I gratduated from "gymnasium" I decided I wanted to make games.
Then my journy began; I went to a school called Gamemaker in Arvika in Sweden for two years and of those two years I had a intership as a 3D artist at the company Bajoum Interactive in Stockholm. Now I'm part of the Playground Squad students where I try to expand my knowledge in 3D.
The subjects I'm mostly involved with is prop modeling; ex: cans, chairs, swords, houses, etc and creature modeling; what can be just NPC (None Playable Character) animals walking around or enemy monsters.
The tools of trade I have is Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop.

I guess there is nothing much more to say than I look forward to this competition. :)

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