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seif thought - the long road, sleepless nights!

Storyboard artist,
Film maker,
Graphic Designer,
CGI artist.

It all started many years ago........
Originally, i was interested in art, then music and it's production, however as i have matured i have become increasingly versatile in all creative elements.

Since childhood, i have been addicted to gaming, had all the consoles, and have realised that my greatest passion in life lies in developing games. Currently, as a novice, i am perfecting my skills at "game maker". I only play real time strategy games now because of the superior depth and challenge they offer, and this is the area i would like to move into and increase my skill base in the coming months.

My first game development prototype was a real time strategy game, which i was advised was one of the hardest things to try to create with gamemaker, but i am satisfied with the progress so far. My background in art makes me less worried about the cosmetics of the game and i am able to focus more on the coding side of things.

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