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Mert Atagül

Hi , my name is Mert Atagül.It's been approximate 2 years that I have been developing and programming games.My interest about game developing began with a simple question " How they are doing that games ? " .After some searchs about game developing , I started to work with basic game engines like game maker.That was not necessary to use codes in that engines.Basicly I was using pre-prepared events to create games.After a while I started to learn C++.Programming was improving my games.Proceeding in this way I learned new languages ​​and engines.Also I participated at GGJ 2011 ( iBee ) , that was an awesome experience for me.Now I'm working on Unity , generally with my friend Inan Evin.

Here is a list of games that I developed ;

Build - a - Building = 3D Tycoon Style
Büyücünün Maceraları = 3D RPG / Action
Robot Harekatı = 2D Action
Kaboom Muhacir = 3D Action / Puzzle
Deli Rahip = 3D Horror/Action-RPG

Global Game Jam 2011 Contributor " Arı Maya "

iBee ; http://globalgamejam.org/2011/ibee-0

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