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Mike Croswell

Mike Croswell

Game Developer, Author and Educator.
Engines ordered by most recent experience:

  1. Unity 3D
  2. UDK (Unreal)
  3. Cocos2D (iPhone) or SIO (if 3D)
  4. TGE 1.5

Languages Comfortable With: C# (or JS) for Unity, C++ and Objective-C (Cocos2D), Unreal Script (fair with Kismet), Java (Android, etc), TorqueScript (for T2D AND TGE).

IGDA member: 
IGDA member
IGDA chapter: 
CGDA (denver)
EGDF Member: 
not a meber
ACM member: 
not a member
IEEE member: 
not a member


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