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Willi Schinmeyer

About me

I'm a 19 year old coder from Pinneberg, Germany. I got into modding through Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, later Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy's SDK made me look into coding for the first time. I've been coding ever since and recently started studying Computer Science at the FH Wedel.

I mainly code in C++, Lua and Python, often using SFML in my projects. I've participated in Ludum Dare a couple of times, creating games in 48 hours - they tend to be very simple, so maybe I should look into premade engines such as UDK or Unity before the Jam starts. On the other hand I'm not alone in a Jam, possibly not even the only coder, so I should be able to get more work done.

Besides coding I should be able to use Blender and Gimp - that is, I know what the tools do, the "theory". I still have a hard time creating good content though. UV mapping or rigging, possibly even animating? Sure. But creating a cool model and a nice texture to go with it? Not quite so easy for me.

Feel free to visit my website at www.mrwonko.de, follow me on twitter (@mrwonko) or send me a mail to spamatmrwonko [dot] de (I do read that!) to get further contact information.


Here's a list of programs and languages I've used so far and my thoughts on them:

  • HTML/PHP - give me access to the API documentation and I should be able to code most things. Don't expect wonderful code though.
  • C++ - The first language I used - well, that was C, actually, but I thought I was doing C++ at the time, which is not entirely wrong. (I may have done some PHP before that actually, I can't quite remember.) Probably the language I know best, with the possible exception of...
  • Lua - I absolutely love this language. The lack of strong typing can be bad at times and there are some other disadvantages as well, but in general I still really like it. I'm not quite sure if I like Lua or C++ more and use them both for different purposes, often in conjunction.
  • Python - Python comes with a lot of great libraries that can make it a pleasure to work with and I like the indentation, but as a language Lua wins. I often write small python scripts though and feel pretty confident in it, having written a couple of Blender addons as well. Which brings us to...
  • Blender - as mentioned before, I know how the program works, but that doesn't make me a good modeller. Well, I can create somewhat decent models when it comes to it, especially when provided good concept art/references, but I have trouble coming up with stuff myself.
  • Gimp - no, owning a pen tablet unfortunately does not make you a good artist. Once again, I do know a lot of the technical details - alpha channels, layers, available tools etc. - but can't use them to create awesome art like I'd like to be able to. I suppose I'll stick to coding if possible.
  • Ubuntu - I suppose some basic Linux knowledge is a skill as well. Nothing too advanced, but a couple of things here and there. When it comes to working I do prefer it over Windows, but since I hate rebooting I usually use Windows at home in case I feel like doing anything you can only do on Windows - gaming, mostly.
  • Code::Blocks - my IDE of choice. Visual Studio is nice as well, but I kinda like Open Source and cross-platform software and got used to Code::Blocks during a coding club in school, where we had a Ubuntu network.

As you can see I use a lot of free/open source software - I don't pirate and don't have the money for professional software but don't need it either - the free alternatives are often very good.

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