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Hi! Thanks for reading my profile. I'm a writer/director from the Netherlands. I like to make up stories and think in both images and words, because I like to play videogames (a lot!) I would love to write for videogames too. Of course this doesn't limit itself to a complete story, it also involves creating exciting missions, engaging dialogue and so forth.

There seems to be a contrast between storytelling and the possibilites for a player to interact with the environment. Certainly not every game needs a story, but a story can contribute a lot to a videogame. In moviemaking CGI and special effects take up a larger and larger part of the movie, but story remains important. James Cameron recently had this to say about story regarding Avatar: "What's interesting in the marketing evolution of Avatar is that we put out a teaser trailer that was all about the imagery, and people were less than satisfied, because they weren't learning enough about the story. We put out a story trailer that set the stage and told you what the main character was, and all of a sudden people were wildly excited about the movie." (Source: http://www.newsweek.com/id/227737/page/3)

I think a videogame can certainly benefit from a good story and I'll be happy to create, by myself or in consultation with my team. I have studied dramaturgy and as such know a lot about the rules of creating an exciting story.

I hope to see you all at the Game Jam in Holland. :)

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