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Nicolas Bertoa

Hello people!
I’m a boy from Argentina who loves games and discovered that through programming will make his dream a reality.

I consider that my 4 main characteristics are:
- I’m a very positive person: Every situation has its good side and always I can learn from mistakes. The current day is the best. That’s my philosophy.

- I have an excellent sense of humor: This is my main characteristic because with this is easier to communicate with people and stay happy.

- I’m a very responsible person: I really enjoy the process from the beggining to the end of a project. I give my 100% because it’s very satisfactory what I feel when I did everything I learned.

- I want to learn constantly: Always I’m searching for a new book to read or a new tutorial to do. I like to read the book, then extract the main concepts and if possible immediatly implement something to finish the learning process.

Currently I’m improving at these areas:
- C++
- Object-Oriented design
- Artificial intelligence

Of course, I have a balanced life. I love football and I see all the matches of my country’ league in the weekends. Also I like to dance in the weekend and have a good time with my friends.

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