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Jennalee May Auclair

Jennalee May Auclair

I am the most pro artist in the world NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE ME AND WIN!!!

On a lighter note my name is Jennalee I am 20 I like...games.
And other nerdy things such as anime, cats, comic books, sit coms, art, pop art pop culture and I love fashion.

I am a graphic designer and I work for Broken Kings Inc.
I work AND live with my room mates...they are loud.
We upload videos on Youtube of our games we are currently making every weekend.
Which I might add is enormously tiring as we stay up later than time actually exists to...
yeah thats right you stay up late enough its like falling into a rabbit hole in which there is no more time...ever.

Anyway this is things about me.
You will never know the real me...
as this body is just a puppet I inhabit at the moment...I'm actually God.
*runs away into the horizon*

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