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James Earl Cox III


I've been making games every since I was little. These were far from marketable games and were analog but my friends and I would still have fun playing them and adjusting the rules, units, etc to alter the game play and make them generally more fun. Recently I have enrolled in the Game Studies program at Miami University and have since then created 4 more or less functioning games. As these games, one a card game, one an interactive multilayer touchscreen game, the two other a 2D side scroll-er, are far from complete I plan to continue editing them and improving them.

Although I would like to learn Gamemaker, I currently have only the slightest bit of knowledge on how it works. I am much more of a story writing, dialogue writing, game play/design concept type of person. I would prefer making a video game at Global Game Jam. I am completely open to the genre of game as I feel the genre would be decided depending on the theme and the mood of the team. I'm a good team player, but like to be involved in more than one front (ex: story writing and gameplay design). I feel that when people are involved in more than one area, even if ever so slightly, there is better communication between groups as everyone has a grasp from multiple angles.

Looking forward to it.

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