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Rachel Curtis

Diploma of Classical Animation, Vancouver Film School, January 2008-December 2008
-Awarded the Paul Boyd Class Achievement Award for exceptional academic performance

Bachelor of Design, Alberta College of Art and Design, September 2003-April 2007
-Majoring in Character Design and Illustration
-Awarded the Jason Lang Scholarship for 3 years from the Alberta Government

Short Film, Business as Usual
-Animator in Toonboom
Background Painter, Ph03nix New Media
-painted backgrounds for video game
Global Game Jam 2009
-was member of team Treelings, creating a Flash game in 48 hours
-produced vector art and Flash animation for use in the game
Kitty and the Mudman, Short Film, 2008
-wrote, designed, animated, colored and composited short film while at VFS
-met and exceeded project deadlines
Princess and the Pea, Short Film, 2008
-learned how to animate in Flash and created a short film in one month
Kayak Magazine, 2007-2008
-freelance illustrator for Kayak Magazine, creating art for print publication

Artistic Skills
Character design
Graphic design fundamentals
Animation principles
Life drawing
Media experience in watercolor, gouache, acrylic, marker, charcoal, digital, vector

Adobe Illustrator (proficient)
Adobe Photoshop (proficent)
Corel Painter (moderate)
Adobe Flash (animation, moderate)
ToonBoom Harmony/AnimatePro (moderate)
Adobe InDesign (moderate)

IGDA member: 
not a member
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not a meber
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10 years 40 weeks

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