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Rafael Kojiio

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Rafael Kojiio

Digital Game Artist & Game Developer.

Art Director of TimeWave Games.
http://www.jogoslux.com/jogos.php?file=5337) - "Silent Joe" platform game.
2D Art and Animation

Digital Game Developer Specialist - PUC-PR
http://matt-sniper.blogspot.com/ - Matt Sniper 2D
2D Art, 3D render art, animation, music & sound EFX.

2D & 3D Expert (Photoshop, Illustrator/Corel, 3DS Max)
2D & 3D Animator.
Music composer & producer(Finale, Reason)& Sound Designer (Soundbooth, Sonar).

Know-how on production and development on 2D & 3D games.

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