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ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma

Renaldas is an Handhelds Tech Lead at Unity Technologies and has a keen interest in games, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

In the pass, while working at EA Digital Illusions CE on "you-have-not-seen-before" destruction tech for Frostbite engine, he got introduced to glory of Amiga1200 for the first time. See, the Frostbite was for XBox360/PS3, but the demos were for Amiga :) Being fascinated by the platform, Renaldas went on to work with wizards of TBL on Requiem and Starstruck demos. Starstruck won Assembly'06 and became a hit. Next was Suicide Barbie for PlaystationPortable. After having a dream of utter world domination by the next wave of hand-held devices he joined Unity Technologies to make best tools for future devices.

Renaldas has published articles in ShaderX, AI Game Programming Gems and GPU Gems books, co-organized couple of GameJams and IGDA conferences in Lithuania.

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