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Fábio Daniel do Nascimento Ribeiro

My name is Fábio Ribeiro, but I'm mostly known as "Sagaz". I'm graduated in Graphic Design, but I'm Game Designer as a living. For this I'm good on 3D softwares as 3ds Max and Maya, Photoshop, some Zbrush... I'm a weekend programmer, developing some projects in Unity3D using javascript.

My expertise is in developing the ideas and constraints of the project, issuing and evaluating tasks to the team (and doing some inside my abilities). I'm expert evaluating the original vision and how the project is evolving, developing logic structures and documenting everything to the team.

As far as it goes under my limits, there is no problem on learning new things and even doing what is not my expertise; remembering that besides I work with 3D, I'm not a full expert on that - I just "work enough" with.

I have a solid background in music as well, having played several instruments and singing for some time, but I have only basic knowledge about digital music composers. I'm actually studying Apple's GarageBand, and maybe I can offer some help in this field - if not producing, certainly composing and developing coherent melodies.

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