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Ali Scissons

I'm a recent grad at a nearby school with not much experience in game programming specifically but a good amount of general experience in just regular ass coding.

I know OpenGL/GLSL well enough to get going. I've some experience messing with XNA (I've been re implementing the library in Mono, OpenGL and such to work cross platform). I used Unity3D a bit, long enough to get a decent enough third person camera working. I know the basic structure how a Unity game would work so I'm more or less confident that I can do what is needed, especially for a game that would need to be done in 48 hours. Don't know much of DirectX or HLSL but I can read either well enough to get by.

From my last two entries I've learned quite a bit about C#, but I'm pretty intimate with C and know enough C++ to program in it as well as I could in any other OOP language. I'm getting to know it a little better right now, as I'm working on a barebones engine/framework and game I have in mind. I plan to have it running on PCs (any OS) and PS3 via homebrew development tools.

I've worked other languages as well but I don't think it is either relevant or necessary to talk about them. C#/XNA and Unity seems to be the best bet to get a game up and about rapidly (pygame/etc would work too but I'm a lot more confident in my C# than any other managed/scripting language).

I working to have a good enough mind for shaders and stuff but I doubt that'll be too relevant in this. I'm more concerned about getting a decent game up and running quickly.

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