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Andrew Thomas Robert McAvinue

Been using a computer since I was old enough to read pretty much. Got selected for a special network computer class when I was in high school. Very rudimentary, but interesting. After that I attended Memorial University for a year studying Psychology, but I later learned that my true passion was in computers.

After the year, I moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, where I studied Information Systems Specialist, and graduated in 2006. From there, I worked at a small computer consultant company, doing house calls for corporations networks. Didn't really enjoy the place, and decided to apply for the government. I soon after got appointed the position of Network Administrator at the headquarters in Moncton, NB for the ambulance division. There was myself, and 4 other administrators at the headquarters for the entire building (and most issues around the province), so a high volume of calls would occupy a lot of my time.

While I had the opportunity to work with some very inspiring individuals, I soon realized that while I enjoyed it, it was still work to me. Your true job shouldn't feel like work. That's when I did some research on developing video games, and what they are looking for when hiring, and came across TriOS college. After all the paper work settled, I moved here to Toronto to fulfill my dream of working in the video game industry.

In my spare time, I help run a gaming community by the name of trP (The Rushing Party). Originally this community was entitled for only Counter Strike: Source, but after about a year of being a part of the community, I applied to be their technician. Bare in mind I was still in college, and this was a good opportunity to get my hands dirty with some of the stuff I learned, as well as much I did not. After being in that position for over 2 years, they asked me to become a leader of their community. I gladly accepted, and to this day, we are not only a CSS community, but also have servers in L4D, Day of Defeat, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and recently we have put up a Call of Duty: Black Ops server.

Go Leafs!

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