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Travis Vermilye

Travis Vermilye works from his Denver Colorado studio on various types of medical and biological illustration and animation projects. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan and is experienced in multiple areas ranging from 2D traditional illustration to 3D animation and graphics to physical modeling and sculpture. He has been involved in the creation of anatomical models, illustrations and animations derived from medical image data for the surgical planning of more than 20 cases of conjoined twins. His work has been shown on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dateline NBC and Discovery Health as well as international magazines, e-zines and publications. He is a Professional Member of The The Association of Medical Illustrators and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. He is also involved with local museums such as The Denver Museum of Nature and Science via donated work and illustration.

Travis is Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Art, College of Arts and Media, University of Colorado Denver where he instructs students on the art of creating scientific and medical imagery.

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