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Yuval Markovich

Yuval Markovich

I’m a Game Dev/Animator/Filmmaker co-founder of Nitako game studio. we develop and publish our games currently for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Our first game Rasta-Monkey has reached the #9 top-selling games on the app-store at it’s peak, and our second game Eco-Punk is at it’s final production stage.
My main tool right now is Unity and especially Unity iPhone, which allows me to do rapid prototyping as well as final productions.
I also have movie making and animation skills ,me and my partner Noam Abta are both Bezalel, animation department graduates and we made an award winning animation movie called Smile.
We also have our own recording studio at Nitako and we make our own music - I play the drums, Noam plays guitar/ midi guitar / bass and our friend Anechoix - Nimrod Sarda is in charge of the music and audio productions.
We were also the founding team and creative directors of Aniboom an on-line animation portal and production studio.

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