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Brandon Edward Dulaney

Brandon Edward Dulaney

Brandon "Mayhem" Dulaney

Brandon was born and raised in Texas and is the middle of eight children. In his free time, he watches Anime, plays Painkiller and is currently working on Steve (due to having no real clue what to call it yet), a custom built Linux-based operating system that he can hopefully market to the local community. He's currently going to TSTC Waco for Game Programming and Digital Media Design and is aspiring to be the next Bill Gates of the Gaming and Computing Industries.

Warning: Order cheesecake in front of him, get ready to rumble! Cheesecake and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups can sustain him for months at a time.

"If the world comes to an end, give me peanut butter, a gun and a Playstation and I'll be just fine. Screw everything else. As long as the zombies eat everybody else and not me, I'll have no reason to panic."

Superpower: Is complete insanity a true superpower or more of a handicap? He still hasn't been able to use it to fly or pick up really big stuff. Next agenda: blowing stuff up with his mind.

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