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Achievements 2010

List and description of the achievements for 2010 (Previous Year) - DEPRECATED AND KEPT FOR HISTORICAL REASONS ONLY

Instant Online Gratification
Game requires no file downloads (browser objects are OK), and has been verified to work on IE8, FF3, Latest Safari and Latest Chrome

Singing the Body Electric
A game that uses only sound effects produced by the body, stomach gurgles, vocalizations, clapping, etc

The Hack
Integrating external gadgets not normally associated with games (e.g. radio, electronic weights, lamps, toasters, barbells, staplers, etc.) as part of the game. This achievement requires that you upload a video of your game to YouTube and link it to the upload (you still have to hand in your game), as well as describing the construction in detail

Take Five
Game can be played to completion in less than 5 minutes

Game has an interactive tutorial

Over Achiever
Implemented the main constraint with 3 or more different game mechanics

Game behaviour is depended on how many people are playing it simultaneously at the same time

Alternate Control
Game runs on a pc (Win/Mac/Linux) and is controlled with (a) device(s) other than mouse, keyboard or console controller

Universal Language
Game has absolutely no text or numbers

EGA Lives
Game uses a maximum of 16 different colors in all, including light and shading


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