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formatting guidelines

just edit this page and you can see the formatting codes:

Wiki Stuff: Major Headline

second level headline

third level headline

emphasis text

strong text

wiki-style link to new wiki pages. For example: about Global Game Jam which links to a new wiki node: http://www.globalgamejam/wiki/TITLE

wiki-style external links. For example Google! which creates a new link to google.com.

Non Wiki formatting

Non wiki formatting co/exists with the above Wiki formatting.

  • You can enter HTML using tags a, em, strong, cite, ul, ol, li, dl, di, dd, p just like I'm doing right now (ul and li)
  • As you have already seen, straight URLs turn into links automatically
  • Each email address will be obfuscated in a human readable fashion or (if JavaScript is enabled) replaced with a spamproof clickable link.
  • Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

add image iconadd image icon You can insert images from your own collection. Just click on the link below the main box that looks like the image to the left.

You can insert a picture, justify it's alignment, select from some pre-determined standardized sizes, and even link it to a URL of your choice.

You can also upload a new picture

Most important: When you make or modify any new Wiki page, don't forget to add a log message!

so, is this enough for a decent input system?

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