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This will be the main entry into the GGJ Wiki. At the moment all registered users have the ability to create and edit wiki pages, but only editors can delete them.

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Basic Info for Site Organizers and Jam Participants


Global Game Jam Manual

  1. Introduction
  2. Scope: how big do you want your gamejam to be?
  3. Content: Theme, Competition, Restraints, Tracks?
       *See Achievements used for January 2012
  4. Venue: your building & facilities
  5. Venue: Hardware
  6. Venue: Software
  7. Version Control System
  8. Online Registration
  9. The program for the GGJ
  10. Infobooth and registration
  11. Talks
  12. Group Forming
  13. Communication
  14. Food
  15. Diversifiers
  16. Web Cam/ ustream.tv
  17. Hand-in Procedure
  18. Awards, Presentations & Show
  19. The Wrap-up

Other GGJ Topics


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