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Hand-in Procedure

The hand-in procedure has two (2!) deadlines, is simple to follow, and can be handled by a single member of each team.

Hand-in Deadlines (all local times)

  1. Upload of the game content started on Sunday, 3 PM local time to be finished by 5PM local time

1. Create placeholder Game Project

This must be done by Saturday, 3 pm local.

One member of each team must login to the Global Game Jam website, go to your site's page, and then click on New Game Project in the righthand menu.

Fill out a few fields in the Game Project page, such as the title of the game, and maybe a 1-sentence description (these can always be changed later).


After the Game Project is created, add all of the team members who have worked, or are working on the game. "Add contributors" in your game under the credits section.

2. Upload final game

The final upload of game content must have started by 5 PM local on Sunday afternoon. This is done at the Game Project page that you already created in the above step. Edit the project, enter the necessary information, including a screenshot of the game, picture of your team, description of the game, etc., and Upload.

If possible, it is recommended that you also include a link to a gameplay video on your game page. For tips on this, see How to make gameplay videos.

Upload for Digital Games

Submit the game in the form of one (1!) compressed file format (zip preferred) with the following file and directory structure:

/src/ => the full sourcecode with all assets of the project
/release/ the distributable files including a README.TXT with full installation instructions
/press/ one hi-res image called press.jpg to be used for GGJ PR (1024x768 or better)
/other/ additional media, photos, videos
license.txt This is a small text file with precisely the content described here http://www.globalgamejam.org/content/license-and-distribution-agreement (just copy-paste the complete contents of the section License File Contents into license.txt)

Upload the compressed file as an attachment on the Game Project form. If your file is bigger than 500MBs or you are unable to upload for some reason, you have the option of uploading somewhere else and then providing a link in your game under "alternative download".

The /src/ directory

Everything your team has created themselves for the GGJ (code, art assets, etc.) needs to be handed in. Anything you use that you did NOT create (middleware, etc), does not have to be turned in, but you should provide a link to where anyone else can get it and use it.

Ideally any third-party libraries you use should be free and easily accessible.

If the assets have gone through an asset pipeline, preferably all the original files should be submitted as well (example could be the original max file for a .3ds model).

The /release/ directory

This folder has to hold the necessary compiled exe, asset files, dlls, etc necessary to run the game. The idea is that people should be able to just download and run the game.

The only acceptable exception is if the game requires middleware that needs a personal proprietary license (for example the download and installation of the Ageia PhysX library). The runtime version of this middleware must be easily and freely available (runtime version should be free, not necessarily the SDK - if in doubt what this means ask your local programmer). Weblinks or other information for obtaining these extra dependencies must be given in the README.txt

Anonymou FTP

If you find yourself having problems due to the GGJ server being overworked, or very slow, you can use the GGJ anonymous FTP server to upload your compressed file.

1. FTP to as anonymous / no password
2. cd ggj13
3. mkdir [YOUR USERNAME]
5. exit

if you did it correctly your file should be online here:[YOUR USERNAME]/YOUR FILENAME]

simply copy and paste this URL into the "alternative upload" field in your game.

Upload for Board Games

Please note that since 2010, participants can also submit board games. Hints and guidelines specific to board games are written in this document.

Optimally, the final upload for your board game will consist of a single pdf with rules and cut-outs, along with a link to a gameplay video.

For non-English-speaking jammers

  • English is encouraged (but not required) in your game submission, so your game can reach the widest possible audience. This is for your benefit, not ours.
  • Submitting a game with multi-language support (with English as one of the languages) is fine.
  • If you don't speak English and can't find a translator at your site, try http://translate.google.com. It may be a poor imitation, but is at least free and easy-to-use. You can always apologize for Google Translate's broken English (with an apology translated by Google Translate, of course) in the readme! :)


If you update the game after uploading, it is okay to upload a new version. Please leave the old version alone, and just upload new updates in the proper format, updating the version number or indicating in some other way which is the newest version.


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