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How to register for GGJ (2012)

Registration for the Global Game Jam has 2 main parts. Both are necessary to be a part of the GGJ event.

  1. Register for your local Jam Site
  2. Register at the GGJ website

Register for your local GGJ site

The GGJ is made up of many local jams. Everyone in GGJ is really a part of a local jam. So you must find your local jam site and sign up with the organizers there. Local jam sites have different procedures and rules. The best thing to do is to browse the Participating Jam Sites for 2012. Then go to their page, and follow instructions from there. If you have questions, email the organizer. If there is no site in your area, you can start one.

Register on the GGJ website

Every jammer must also sign up at the GGJ website. To do this you must have a GGJ account, and then you must choose which local Jam Site you will be attending.

  1. Sign in with your GGJ account, or if you don't have one register first
  2. Click on "My account" from the menu on the right side.
  3. Choose your Jam Site from the drop-down menu. signup2012signup2012
  4. After you choose the Jam Site, you should be able to see yourself in the site's jammers page. And you should have a link appear under "My Jam Site(s)".

signed upsigned up

Note: Just because you have signed up on globalgamejam.org, it does not mean you are registered for your site. The final decision is rests with the local Jam Site organizers. So please make sure you are registered in both places.

Douglas Dockey

Registration Confirmation

Please confirm registration for Jan. 27 Global Game Jam.

Thank you.

Douglas Dockey


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